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What We Offer

Strategy development shouldn’t stop just because your company is in transition. We have developed Virtual Strategy Workshops to help your company plan strategically wherever your team may be. Virtual Workshops follow the traditional workshop process including briefing books, goal/objective setting, breakout groups, and still provide quality insights that outline successful strategies. By leveraging technology, we create seamless intra and inter team communication on a custom timeline that works for your company and team.

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Our Process

  • We start out by meeting with clients’ strategy teams to understand competitive threats or which scenarios they wish to explore.
  • Analysts develop briefing books with detailed competitor profiles for business strategy games, and scenarios for scenario planning, which the participants use to prepare for the workshops.
  • Participants work in breakout sessions where they either wear the hats of competitors or focus on specific scenarios in order to strategize about the best courses of action.
  • Post-workshop, we deliver a write-up with the proposed competitor strategies and scenario   action plans, and provide recommendations for clients to incorporate in their strategic planning.

The Result

Business strategy games allow clients to play the role of decisions-makers at their top competitors. This leads to new insights about strengths, limitations, corporate culture, and other factors, and ultimately allows clients to formulate action plans. Scenario planning allows clients to explore a range of possible future scenarios that may pertain to a specific competitor or market, so they can develop strategies that address each scenario. Both types of strategy workshops give clients the intelligence needed to think outside the box and implement important business strategies.


Case Studies

Financial Services Emerging Adjacent Market Product


A financial services firm began to see some clients shifting to new software based in-house solutions, which allowed customers to complete a range of functions that were traditionally outsourced. Client needed to understand which types of companies would select to use the software and shift to in-house.


Fletcher/CSI conducted a strategy workshop incorporating role-playing and primary research based competitor profiles to determine how the competitors would act in the marketplace and what strategies they would use to grow market share.


The workshop demonstrated that the competitors would focus on selling their software solution rather than the service itself. Client developed strategies to incorporate similar self-service features and reduce the incentive for customers to use the software-based solution.

Travel Management Company Share of Wallet


A travel management company became aware of an emerging competitor with a different value proposition and market approach.


Fletcher/CSI conducted a strategy workshop and determined that the competitor used a different method, and offered an alternative solution that threatened to take share of wallet from the client.


The strategy workshop identified weaknesses in the competitor’s offer, and opportunities for the client to incorporate new features that would attract the same user group and recover wallet share.

Medical Supply Generic and New Product Threats


A global medical supply company was facing competitive threats in the skin preparation industry. The client anticipated that generics and products with similar formulations would enter the global market within the next five years.


Fletcher/CSI created briefing books about competitors in the skin preparation industry and facilitated a business strategy game with ~50 employees from all functions. During the business strategy game, teams used several analysis tools to predict competitive strategies and tactics that could be implemented over the next decade.


The post-workshop write-up outlined three strategies related to the client’s products, programs, and partnership agreements that the client could execute to prepare for generics and competitor launches, and maintain its market share in the skin preparation industry.

Simulation Software Market Share


A provider of simulation software was losing market share and needed to reformulate its strategy to reflect new growth of an existing competitor.


Fletcher/CSI did a deep dive analysis of the competitor focused around current product offering and life cycle, R&D, pricing, target market, commercial capabilities, and longer-term strategy. Fletcher/CSI then worked with client’s senior management, including CEO, to formulate a new strategy to reflect the changing market landscape.


Client was able to craft a new strategy that allowed it to walk away from certain commoditized market segments to focus on high growth areas in which it had a leading product.

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