Market Intelligence Platform

What We Offer

During an era of information overload, it is critical for decision makers to obtain relevant information as quickly as possible, and to filter out the data that doesn’t impact their businesses. Fletcher/CSI helps decision makers meet their goals through its market intelligence platform. We gather and analyze meaningful information through an advanced market intelligence platform that tracks industry intelligence and competitor intelligence. Intelligence is aggregated from 200,000+ sources, including market and industry websites, company websites, social media platforms, and custom sources – portals, job boards, etc.

Our Process

  • Fletcher/CSI works with clients under NDA to customize a market intelligence curation program
  • External industry intelligence is fed into a machine learning model after undergoing a cycle of tagging, human curation, de-duplication and quality control
  • Insights are filtered from 200,000+ sources to deliver targeted, meaningful information
  • Clients receive critical information updates and analyses through proprietary newsfeeds, email alerts, and dashboards

The Result

Customized daily, weekly, or monthly intelligence reports with key market and competitor insights provides stakeholders with the precise information that they need to make quick decisions. Clients can spend less time searching for targeted information and more time executing strategy by implementing the actionable insights found in the customized reports.

Case Studies

Business Challenge

Fletcher/CSI partnered with a major US biopharmaceutical company to set up a customized secondary monitoring platform across two therapeutic areas and one medical device category focusing on over twenty individual indications. The client wanted reports in different formats to match what their key stakeholders were accustomed to. Some needed to be able to manipulate the report further before sharing with brand teams, while others wanted a more automated, lower cost service.

The Solution

Fletcher/CSI used the platform to provide:

  • In total, over 29 competitors, 80 brands, and 100 other keywords (chemical names, genes, etc.) tracked for news, trial updates, job postings, and impact alerts
  • Monthly reports where content is continually improved over time based on client feedback
  • Ability to organize alerts into impact level [i.e. high, medium, low] and add analytical insights to assist with market research
  • Ability to customize formats for each individual report
  • Alerts on high strategic impact events within 24 hours for the client


  • Fletcher/CSI’s client has a quick, easy to use, tailored monitoring service which they can access via laptop, mobile, or tablet
  • Customization of each therapeutic report to fit the formatting needs of the client; they can choose between simple, web-based HTML newsletters, Word and PDF documents, and PowerPoint reports
  • Ability to scan high, medium, and low impact alerts and quick-to-read analytical insights on how these alerts directly impact the US biopharmaceutical company
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