The Fletcher/CSI Technology practice advises global enterprise software, computer software, and telecommunications companies. Our analysts have extensive experience in areas such as cloud computing, component manufacturing, hardware and software, LAN and WAN devices, system integrators, and wireless and land-based telecommunications. We understand that the technology space evolves rapidly. Our team makes sure to stay up-to-date on industry trends and new developments so that we can inform clients about product features and benefits, pricing strategies, positioning, sales and marketing tactics, and many more topics.

To learn more about how we serve Technology companies, please see the link below and read our case studies.

Fletcher/CSI Technology Practice

5 Core Services Technology Practice

Case Studies

Cloud-based Services Product Positioning



A global telecommunications provider was looking to develop and competitively position a new a data transport capability. Client had little current competitive insights and needed more clarity to effectively differentiate while still meeting evolving customer needs.


Fletcher/CSI conducted mystery shops and primary research interviews with key traditional and emerging competitors to gather pricing and solution offering information, as well as perspective on the overall competitor sales processes.


Client was able to more effectively develop its product/solution, align its value proposition, and optimize its pricing, resulting in a more successful product launch.

Simulation Software Market Share



A provider of simulation software was losing market share and needed to reformulate its strategy to reflect new growth of an existing competitor.


Fletcher/CSI did a deep dive analysis of the competitor focused around current product offering and life cycle, R&D, pricing, target market, commercial capabilities, and longer-term strategy. Fletcher/CSI then worked with client’s senior management, including CEO, to formulate a new strategy to reflect the changing market landscape.


Client was able to craft a new strategy that allowed it to walk away from certain commoditized market segments to focus on high growth areas in which it had a leading product.

Software Provider Competitive Threat



A major software provider needed specific information on a small, but, emerging competitor, who was winning business away from the client. Client was unsure of competitor’s pricing approach, specific offering, and overall go-to-market strategy.


Fletcher/CSI identified an industry trade show where competitor would be exhibiting and interviewed competitor executives, sales and marketing staff, and potential customers to better understand the competitor’s strategy and overall market position.


Client was able to fully understand the competitor’s strategy, including product life cycle, pricing, and target market. This enabled it to refocus its own efforts to not only maintain share, but to attack the competitor’s weaknesses.

Enterprise Software Growth Rate



An enterprise software provider with historically high growth rate (over 50%) in one of its product lines was experiencing a significant decline in growth rate, and client needed direct prospect and customer feedback to better understand why.


Fletcher/CSI completed 80 win/loss interviews with prospects to provide insight to challenges and opportunities around value proposition, deployment, retention, sales performance, and economics/contracting.


Client was able to gain insights from its wins and losses to understand changing customer needs. Client also gained important perspective on the overall customer life cycle, and was able to modify its sales approach and timing to increase retention.

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