Video: Pharma CI 2021 – Scenario Planning to Drive Market Monitoring

On September 24th, we presented at the 2021 Pharma Conference and Exhibition. Erik Glitman, our CEO, presented on using Scenario Planning to drive market and competitor monitoring programs.

The webinar explored how to build scenarios that are realistic, based on current trends and present options for the future. Looking at different extrapolations helps strategize what your business can do with this information in mind. Please enjoy the recording of our session below.

Scenario planning can be a powerful tool to drive strategy development and as a base for competitor and market monitoring programs. To increase the success of the tool, it is important to:

  • Use a variety of scenarios for regular strategy updates
  • Incorporate the CI/MI group into scenario planning and strategy development
  • Monitor for specific event triggers that indicate a scenario’s progress
  • Act when the event trigger is observed

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Author: Erik Glitman, CEO Fletcher/CSI