Fletcher/CSI Unveils New Win/Loss Program at SCIP Conference

In May, over 600 CI professionals participated in the Annual Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional (SCIP) conference. As the signature event for the CI industry, the event offers opportunities for attendees to meet exhibitors and learn about their services. As a sponsor and exhibitor, we enjoyed meeting new and old friends at on the exhibition floor. For our new members, the event is fresh as many are seeing CI tools for the first time. For members with more history, there are always new tools and techniques on display.

Once such new tool and technique is from Fletcher/CSI. At SCIP we announced our new Win/Loss program, which combines the analytical power of quantitative data with the depth of insight of qualitative data. This process covers the entire range of the causes of sales success and adds strategic insight to Win/Loss. The new Fletcher/CSI Win/Loss program gives clients insights that go beyond an evaluation of how the sales team performed to include factors on how the product or service fit to the buyer’s needs, as well as other influencers such as sales terms and conditions, references, development roadmap, post-sales reputation, and others.

We developed this new Win/Loss product to respond to changes we see at macro-levels in how sales are done in the B2B space. Our clients have leveraged the power of advanced sales force automation systems to get more and better insight into their sales process. This has disrupted the traditional sales structure and provided the headquarters sales and marketing teams with unprecedented details on their sales pipelines and created higher demand for better insight into the causes of the outcome. These forces are combining to produce a very real need to look at sales from multiple perspectives and to customize both the sales process and the offer based on local and global requirements.

Our new Win/Loss process, based on over 20 years of experience providing Win/Loss services to a global client base, draws on our assessment of how companies can best apply the lessons of Win/Loss to increase sales. In today’s increasingly interconnected business world, and with the ongoing globalization of sales, companies need to examine their sales success at the local, national, regional, and global levels. At each of these levels, different factors can shape sales success. Likewise, at each of those levels there is a continued need to provide individual deal as well as summary analysis.

We designed our new Win/Loss program with the flexibility to aggregate deal evaluations at the local, national, and global levels. This enables the sales and marketing leaders to focus on specific factors that contribute to deal outcomes at each level. This tool further allows the sales and marketing leaders to identify best practices that apply across all levels and fine-tune their sales and marketing efforts down to the local teams.

With our global network of Win/Loss partners, Fletcher/CSI is able to bring quantitative and qualitative Win/Loss to any region in the world. By applying a uniform collection and analysis tool set, we can help clients assess their sales and product performance to produce results that will determine strategy at the global, regional, and local level.

To learn more about our Win/Loss process and how it can provide you with a competitive edge in your market, please give us a call at +1 (802) 660-9636.

Erik Glitman, CEO