Welcome to the Fletcher/CSI Blog

Welcome to the Fletcher/CSI blog. We hope that you’ll find this a quick read with useful insights into the world of CI, and that you’ll make it a part of your weekly reads.

2013 marks the 25th year of business for Fletcher/CSI. Normally such a marker would be a time for reflection on all the lessons of the company’s history, and over the course of this year we’ll share some of the more exciting lessons we’ve learned and how they apply to CI in 2013 and future years. But first it feels more appropriate to talk about the state of CI overall.

Looking back at 2012, the year was not one of the best for the CI industry. Throughout my discussions with clients at companies of all sizes as well as colleagues on the consulting side, the common thread was a feeling of stagnation. On the corporate side, the refrain has been one of flat or reduced budgets and narrowed focus on competitors. From my colleagues in the consulting industry, the mantra has been one of flat growth and increased competition.

What this looks like is a classic example of a creative destruction cycle: in truth, the CI market and industry are crying out for a new and innovative approach to CI. Companies have exhausted all the usual CI tools, and even some of the more unusual ones, and are left waiting for a new generation of CI to emerge. This assessment fits with the tenor of the times, when we are moving from the norms that dominated the economy in the years after the turn of the century into the new connected and networked world of work.

So what is the new CI that companies are looking for? And how is it different from the CI we’ve grown used to? Stay tuned as we explore how CI is changing to meet the demands of our new world.

In the next weeks we’ll start the process of looking forward. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary I hope that you’ll join us to discuss how lessons we’ve learned over the past 25 years can help guide us to the new CI – and through the next 25 years.

Erik Glitman, CEO