Tips to Maximize your Trade Show CI Efforts

Fletcher/CSI hosted a webinar on April 24, 2019 called Tips to Maximize your Trade Show CI Efforts. Many executives across all major industries understand the value of exhibiting their products and services at trade shows. However, they may not always think about the trade show as a venue to obtain market and competitive insights.

What Can you Get From a Trade Show?

  • Exhibitors use shows as a way to present their latest offerings to attendees
  • Exhibitors let attendees have hands-on experience with products
  • Top level staff from the exhibitors will be on site to interact with current and potential future customers
  • Exhibitor staff are more open to talk about market conditions and plans
  • Most trade shows have networking sessions which offer opportunities for interaction with customers, suppliers, and competitors
  • The trade show is an opportunity to directly interact with competitors in an open manner

How are Trade Shows a CI Source?

  • Competitors use trade shows to promote services and products and present their latest and greatest
  • Anything openly presented at the trade show is considered public information
  • Key opinion leaders present insights into developments that impact the market
  • Network with industry peers, customers, and suppliers
  • A trade show offers concentrated information sources in a confined space

Fletcher/CSI has offered Trade Show Intelligence as one of our core services for 30+ years. To learn more information about the benefits of this valuable service, please read our Trade Show Intelligence blog posts which are available on our website.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more information about our recent webinar, please reach out to Erik Glitman directly at or 802-660-9636.