Fletcher/CSI Delivers two Sessions at SCIP Intellicon 2022

Session 1, April 25th 1pm CT: Building a Qualitative Win/Loss Capacity
A true qualitative Win/Loss program offers direct voice of the customer insights into the purchase decision process and outcome. This session will describe how qualitative Win/Loss can provide a unique window into the purchase process, competitor response, and support strategic development. Qualitative Win/Loss turns typical deal reviews into a competitive intelligence collection effort. The advantages interview-driven qualitative Win/Loss has over traditional quantitative programs makes them a useful adjunct to any Win/Loss program. This session will present examples of qualitative Win/Loss programs and discuss how to add qualitative Win/Loss into existing quantitative Win/Loss programs, including tools to engage reluctant stakeholders in the process.

Session 2, April 26th 2:30pm CT: Understanding and Leveraging the CI Cycle to Produce Effective Decision Support With Mohit Bhakuni, CEO Contify
This session will discuss how to leverage the CI Cycle and integration of primary and secondary CI to build a stronger and longer-lasting impact. The session will start with a hypothetical situation that requires CI to support decisions and will follow the CI cycle to illustrate tools used and how each part is integral to the overall CI program effectiveness.

The session will start with a trigger event and then follow the process through its stages and discuss the tools used at each stage of the cycle. Participants will contribute examples from their CI experiences and share tools they use in their CI Cycles.