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The Fletcher/CSI Financial Services practice advises major insurance, health insurance, and financial services companies. While our team has diverse expertise, the main areas of focus include personal lines and commercial insurance, claims performance, consumer driven health products, specialty pharmacy initiatives, wellness incentive programs, asset management, commercial finance, retail and wholesale banking, and specialty financial products. We interview insurance carriers, agents/brokers, and employees in many other roles to obtain multiple perspectives about products, programs, and services.

To learn more about how we advise Finance & Insurance companies, please see the link below and read our case studies.

Fletcher/CSI Financial Services Practice

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Case Studies

Personal Lines Carrier Broker Support



A personal lines carrier’s broker-based sales force believed that they received less support from headquarters than was offered by competitors. As part of the client’s evaluation program, a set of benchmarks on broker support was needed.


Fletcher/CSI used primary research to interview brokers, independent agents, and company-agents at competitor organizations to determine the levels of marketing and office support available through competitive carriers.


Client reconfigured its broker support program to better match industry standards and provide brokers with higher support.

Financial Services Emerging Adjacent Market Product



A financial services firm began to see some clients shifting to new software based in-house solutions, which allowed customers to complete a range of functions that were traditionally outsourced. Client needed to understand which types of companies would select to use the software and shift to in-house.


Fletcher/CSI conducted a strategy workshop incorporating role-playing and primary research based competitor profiles to determine how the competitors would act in the marketplace and what strategies they would use to grow market share.


The workshop demonstrated that the competitors would focus on selling their software solution rather than the service itself. Client developed strategies to incorporate similar self-service features and reduce the incentive for customers to use the software-based solution.

Insurance Carrier Referral Marketing Challenge



An insurance carrier was exploring a relationship with a web-based services aggregator as a model for a similar service and line extension that would produce greater customer loyalty.


Fletcher/CSI visited industry trade shows to interact with other web-based service aggregators who were interviewed about their impacts on partners. We also participated in seminars on how companies were leveraging the links with the service aggregators.


Research determined that the service aggregator did contribute with additional revenue in the form of commissions, but did not contribute to customer loyalty or engagement. Client opted to not incorporate the service into its offering.

HealthCare Carrier Insurance Sales



A healthcare carrier experienced lower than expected success in sales of healthcare insurance to large enterprises. The client needed to understand buyer decision factors and how the client and competitors performed against those factors.


Fletcher/CSI used win/loss analysis to research 75 deals and the question set was customized to cover unique decision factors present in the healthcare insurance space.


Analysis of the deals identified areas where the client’s performance was below customer expectations and below competitor performance. Client was able to adjust its messaging for a better fit to the decision factors and increase sales.

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