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The Fletcher/CSI Consumer & Industrial Goods practice serves companies from a breadth of industries, retailers, food, pet products, apparel, energy, and heavy industry manufacturers. Our analysts experience in these industries allows them to quickly come up to speed during project kick-offs. This knowledge bases also allows for early identification of industry wide trends and is further supported via primary intelligence deep dives to offer tactical strategies.

To learn more about our Consumer & Industrial Goods practice, please see  our case studies.

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Case Studies

Specialty Product Market Assessment



A specialty food manufacturer sought information on a competitor’s online prescription diet fulfillment, which was cutting into sales.


Fletcher/CSI’s primary intelligence provided insight gained through competitor actions, as well as ecommerce channel leaders and veterinarians to provide a triangulated response to the client concerns.


Client determined the competitive action was not a significant threat and a new online partner was identified, which furthered an existing relationship, thus fortifying their ecommerce sales potential.

Publishing Company Competitive Strategy



A publishing company sought to create a competitive intelligence function and build a baseline of competitive information to use in strategy assessments.


Fletcher/CSI used primary intelligence to interview key opinion leaders in the industry and leaders within competitor organizations to create well rounded competitive profiles.


Profiles provide guidance on typical competitor reactions and strategies in disruptive industry events.

Specialty Food Products Market Innovations



A specialty food products company needed to be informed of developments in their space and how competitors addressed growing concerns over GMOs and organic ingredients.


Fletcher/CSI attended the two largest industry trade shows to engage competitor staff and industry observers in deep discussions about market trends, product developments, and consumer preferences.


Trade show attendees identified a growing market for GMO free, organic, and gluten free products in the high end of the market. The client was able to incorporate these features into a new higher-end branded product and quickly gained market share.

Winning in Facilities Management



A facilities management service provider was evaluating its market messaging and developing a new strategy for the changing market.


Fletcher/CSI conducted several win/loss deals to understand the buyer decision process and the relative importance of several factors in the decision.


The client changed its messages to emphasize factors that were more important to the decision, and refocused development efforts to perform better against those factors.

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