Improve Decision Support Through Integrated CI

Combining ongoing secondary research with targeted primary research gives companies enhanced competitive and market insights needed to compete in this dynamic environment.

Many Competitive Intelligence (CI) units have access to a combination of research tools and tend to favor one type over another. Some CI units rely mostly on secondary research, supplied through ongoing news feeds that include critical news alerts  and information to stay current on the competitive environment. Other CI units use more primary research which can range from focus groups and customer surveys to subject matter expert interviews to gain competitive insights.

Each research tool has its benefits and drawbacks – secondary is generally less expensive but ubiquitous to all, provides the same information anyone else can get (secondary is only what’s available publicly) and is historical versus future oriented. In contrast, primary can be more expensive and in return provides critical details and context and can be more forward looking.

Fletcher/CSI’s strategic partnership with Contify provides our clients with a single integrated intelligence platform that combines the benefits of secondary and primary research. Contify’s market leading AI-enabled secondary data collection and human curation combined with Fletcher/CSI’s global primary research and analysis capabilities delivers organizations a comprehensive set of tools and deep insights to produce more informed decisions.

Contify’s AI-enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform harnesses the potential of technology to cohesively unify primary and secondary research into one comprehensive solution. This enables businesses to stay current in dynamic markets and competitive landscapes while remaining focused on targeted research to support decisions. Enhanced with primary data, decision makers can leverage actionable insights to drive strategic and tactical decisions.

The Contify platform hosts powerful features such as real-time personalized Newsfeed, Dashboards to connect the dots through compelling data visualizations, and Intelligence Newsletter Reports that deliver mission-critical insights to your mailbox. Contify for Enterprise is fully customizable to cater to the intelligence requirements unique to businesses across industries.

Some of the key benefits of the Fletcher/CSI and Contify partnership include:

  • Aligning Teams with Decision Makers and Key Stakeholders – Contify provides your business with a centralized market and competitive intelligence hub to align your research and knowledge management teams with decision-makers and key stakeholders while enabling collaboration.
  • Gaining an Asymmetric Intelligence Advantage – Deep insights generated by Fletcher/CSI’s focused primary research and augmented with AI-enabled secondary research capabilities, your teams get a more holistic snapshot of your business’s market and competitive landscape.
  • Empowering Analysts by Streamlining Workflows – Armed with Contify’s robust data sourcing engine with noise-free intelligence, your analysts spend less time searching and more time leveraging technology to unlock granular insights.  

Competitive intelligence is even more critical than ever to any organization’s success and CI units need to leverage market and competitive intelligence solutions achieve better business outcomes by taking business decisions based upon robust actionable insights as opposed to intuition and experience. The Contify Fletcher/CSI solution allows clients to access the best of primary and secondary data in one solution.

Authors: Erik Glitman, CEO Fletcher/CSI & Mohit Bhakuni, CEO Contify