CI Tips

June 2019: When engaging in War Games have clear objectives that go beyond a better understanding of the competitor’s potential actions. To read more about War Games Click Here

April 2019: Effective CI units have access to leadership and produce recommendations for change.

March 2019: A market intelligence platform combined with the expertise of a research analyst is one of the most efficient ways to capture M&CI insights.

January 2019: Phone a friend and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are, one of your co-analysts, employees, bosses, someone you met at a conference, or even a client, will have encountered your CI situation before. They may have that perfect example or connection, or another solution to save you time and money.

December 2018: Work/life balance is important; our final tip of 2018 is to spend next week with your family and friends.

November 2018: M&A activity and layoffs present valuable competitive intelligence opportunities; these events should be monitored and acted on quickly when they occur.

October 2018: Win/Loss can be an effective tool for validating the rumors that your sellers hear in the field.

September 2018: Win/Loss interviews should identify hints about new product features & functions. This can provide an early warning about R&D and launch dates.

August 2018: A CI unit that only answers questions may be sufficient, but to be exceptional, the CI unit must also ask questions.

July 2018: Effective CI units are 2x more likely to report to the C-Suite or Strategy than the average CI unit.

June 2018: The most effective CI units attend 2-5 trade shows per year. Make sure that your CI unit leverages trade show intelligence.

May 2018: Develop project plans and research agendas in collaboration with end-users to have the greatest impact.

April 2018: Make sure that every CI recommendation has an implementation plan with clear goals and milestones for completion.

March 2018: The most effective CI units across all industries look at 20-40 Win/Loss deals per year.

February 2018: Invest in at least one competitor simulation or scenario planning session per year to help inform your CI priorities and overall strategy.

January 2018: Finalize conference planners and team assignments 2-3 weeks before trade shows to maximize the value of these events.

December 2017: Always think of subsequent questions to ask during a primary interview. Even if you get the answer, the client will want more details.

November 2017: Be brief, specific, and clear. CI professionals should have robust data, but be able to present concise findings. Executives need answers versus too many words.

October 2017: The most effective Win/Loss studies incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data across the key decision factors.

September 2017: Never minimize the potential of an emerging competitor. A threat that seems small today might significantly impact your business down the road.