CI and Secondary Tools
Recently I had the opportunity to review a CI collection software tool that aggregated multiple streams of news and secondary data searches into a single report and provided daily updates. This tool, built at almost no cost and using
Informal CI
This blog was started to explore the different ways that CI as a profession is evolving to meet the new challenges of a rapidly changing environment. This evolution has far reaching implications into both how we do CI and how CI is
Fletcher/CSI at SCIP 2013
As a sponsor of SCIP 2013, we at Fletcher/CSI were pleased with the great turnout and lively sessions. I enjoyed interacting with the participants at my workshops on war gaming and using CI tools for exploring adjacent markets, and
War Games – Lessons Learned
I’m still thinking about war games and how they’re used in the real world. What seems to happen is too often, companies go through the motions of a war game and leave the lessons behind when the game is over. In the current
Welcome to the Fletcher/CSI Blog
Welcome to the Fletcher/CSI blog. We hope that you’ll find this a quick read with useful insights into the world of CI, and that you’ll make it a part of your weekly reads. 2013 marks the 25th year of business for Fletcher/CSI.
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