Four C’s of Consulting

The criteria that jewelers use to classify diamonds are called the Four C’s: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Fletcher/CSI believes that in consulting, there are also Four C’s: competency, culture, creativity, and compatibility. When a client is evaluating which consulting firm is the best choice to work with for a research engagement, it is helpful to keep the Four C’s of consulting in mind. We are always transparent about our capabilities, and work with clients to make sure that we are the best fit for each research project during the selection process.

The Four C's

The Four Cs of Consulting


This refers to the specific services that the firm offers and the level of expertise in each practice area. At Fletcher/CSI, we are highly competent at conducting Primary Research, Win/Loss Analysis, Strategy Workshops, and Trade Show Intelligence in our four practice areas: Life Sciences, Finance & Insurance, Technology, and General.


The way that a firm operates and views growth characterize its culture. Fletcher/CSI strives to partner with clients and form relationships that can grow over time. We assign dedicated teams to each client so that our analysts and team leaders can understand the nuances of clients’ business issues.


In consulting, creativity refers to the process that analysts use to find answers and present results. Some projects require a proven methodology, while others need a new approach. Fletcher/CSI researchers have experience using both new and old methodologies, and work together daily to modify their research strategies throughout each project.


Consulting projects will only be successful if the research team can work well with the client, which is compatibility. At Fletcher/CSI, we communicate with clients through the channels that they prefer, and at the frequencies that they need. We also work to integrate into the client’s operations so that we can grow together and provider deeper research insights over time