Advising companies on competitor insights, industry trends, and market dynamics to help them making strategic business decisions. The data provided to clients should be unbiased and corroborated by multiple sources.

The ethical collection and analysis of competitor information that informs strategic decision-making so that a company can continue to perform competitively in its market, or increase performance.

Both terms are essentially synonymous, and involve interviewing company employees and subject matter experts to gain deep insights about competitors or specific markets.

Research of publicly available sources, such as news reports, analyst reports, social media, corporate publicity, etc. This is important for establishing baseline knowledge and generating a list of potential contacts to interview.

Research that collects data through sources such as surveys or financial modeling. This can be useful for developing a broad context for primary research and detecting trends over time.

We use a number of contact databases to identify interviewees, competitor websites, social media sites, news, proprietary databases, and many other tools to help us conduct interviews for all four of our service offerings.

Most of our employees, including the company founder and owners, work at our headquarters in Williston, VT. We also have employees who work at our London and Vancouver locations, as well as other areas throughout the U.S.

100 percent of our research staff consists of internal, full-time employees. The majority of our employees have long tenure with our firm. We do not believe that a contract employee model is the most effective way to achieve our goals.

We provide four core strategic research services, including Primary Research, Win/Loss Analysis, Strategy Workshops, and Trade Show Intelligence.

We advise Fortune 500 companies from all major industries, and have four dedicated practice teams, including Life Sciences, Finance & Insurance, Technology, and General.

The length of each project depends on the scope of work, the nature of the research questions, and the type of service that is being performed. Ad-hoc requests can be completed in one business day, while a monitoring contract may last for a full year. On average, many of our projects take 4-8 weeks.

Our company was founded in 1988, which makes it one of the oldest, global primary research firms that focuses on competitive analysis. We are a privately-held company that has never changed ownership. Many other firms use contract employees, but we believe that hiring full-time employees who are dedicated to specific teams is critical to ensure that researches have the right experience and industry expertise. While we deliver powerful insights to top executives, our business model is simple. We focus on offering four core research services to clients that fall under our four practice areas.