Company History

Fletcher/CSI is a global strategy consulting firm, headquartered in Williston, VT. Erik Glitman founded the company in 1988, which makes the firm one of the longest-running, independently-owned primary research companies that serves global Fortune 500 companies. Since its founding, Fletcher/CSI has evolved into a firm that provides four strategic consulting services: Primary Research, Win/Loss Analysis, Strategy Workshops, and Trade Show Intelligence. We offer all four services to clients that fall under our Life Sciences, Technology, Finance & Insurance, and General practice groups. Our guiding principle is to deliver simple, powerful, insightful, intelligence across all of our practices and services.

Our in-house analysts conduct interviews with employees based in the U.S., but also work with affiliates in 20+ countries to gain insights about global markets. Fletcher/CSI staff are regular speakers at leading industry events, including SCIP, and are considered true thought leaders for their innovative perspectives on markets and market drivers. As a founder in 2002 of the successful annual PharmaCI conference, Fletcher/CSI continues to lead popular sessions at the annual event.


Consultants should be easy to work with and deliverables should convey information that is easy to digest. We simplify your task by working together to prioritize research issues, and by helping you understand what the data means.


Consultants must deliver findings that are credible, corroborative, and lead to improved company performance. We support you with powerful information that stands up to the toughest decision makers.


Consultants need to guarantee that their deliverables provide more than raw data and facts. We enable you to make informed decisions by providing multiple insights and recommendations.


Consultants must aggregate all data and analyze it to tell a story. We help you understand intelligence in the larger context of your specific business issues so that you can take action.