Code of Ethics

Fletcher/CSI provides strategy consulting services to clients worldwide. To guide staff and clients in the collection of competitor data, Fletcher/CSI has established a code of ethics.

  • Fletcher/CSI collects data in a manner designed to result in accurate and reliable data.
  • Fletcher/CSI occasionally pays for commercial data sources to provide baseline information. Payment for non-commercial data sources is not acceptable as it compromises the integrity of the data and creates the risk of legal action.
  • Fletcher/CSI collects intelligence through direct contact with competitors, taking steps to assure that sources are clearly and accurately informed.
  • Espionage activities are not within Fletcher/CSI ’s scope of services. Requests for such actions will be rejected. Employees may not engage in these activities on behalf of a client.
  • Business standards differ across the world. Fletcher/CSI and its affiliates (when working on Fletcher/CSI projects) will use standard U.S. business ethics when operating outside the U.S.
  • Fletcher/CSI will not accept engagements from foreign governments, or from agents of foreign governments.
  • All data collection activities prohibited by U.S. legislation are prohibited by Fletcher/CSI’s code of Ethics. Foreign affiliates are required to abide by U.S. legislation on the subject of data collection, even if certain activities are permitted under local law. Fletcher/CSI will not permit its clients or itself to be exposed to legal action as a result of affiliate actions on Fletcher/CSI ’s behalf.
  • To avoid possible conflicts between similar client investigations, Fletcher/CSI will create and assign separate and disparate research and project management teams to any potentially conflicting project scenarios. Fletcher/CSI internal operating and ethics policies assure adherence to all client confidentiality agreements.
  • Client confidentiality is essential to Fletcher/CSI ’s business. Clients may be identified only with prior client approval and if identification is necessary to achieve data collection goals. All Fletcher/CSI affiliates are expected to abide by the Fletcher/CSI Code of Ethics while participating in Fletcher/CSI projects. All Fletcher/CSI employees are expected to abide by the Fletcher/CSI Code of Ethics at all times.
  • In addition to its own code of ethics, Fletcher/CSI follows the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Code of Ethics. SCIP Code of Ethics