Win/Loss Analysis

What We Offer

Many companies conduct ad-hoc internal reviews of some of their bids, but a successful Win/Loss program is more comprehensive. Win/Loss analysis is an ongoing, systematic analysis of why a company’s deals are won and lost. The process is simple, but the results are powerful because they help decision makers implement company-wide changes.

Our Process

  • Analysts conduct qualitative and quantitative interviews with decision-makers at prospect companies, for both won and lost deals.
  • Our interview guides result in objective insights related to purchase decisions processes, solution capabilities and features, sales team effectiveness, pricing, and contracting.
  • We regularly provide clients with individual reports for each deal so they can understand the nuances of each individual case.
  • In the end, we deliver a summary report that analyzes trends across multiple deals over time.

The Result

The aggregation of several deals over times lets us deliver recommendations about value proposition, product features, positioning strategies, and sales approaches, so that clients can ultimately increase sales. This powerful tool can help clients understand customer priorities and meet them better than their competitors.

To learn more about Win/Loss Analysis, please see the links below and read our Case Studies.

Win/Loss Intro

Case Studies

Health Care Carrier Insurance Sales


A healthcare carrier experienced lower than expected success in sales of healthcare insurance to large enterprises. The client needed to understand buyer decision factors and how the client and competitors performed against those factors.


Fletcher/CSI used win/loss analysis to research 75 deals and the question set was customized to cover unique decision factors present in the healthcare insurance space.


Analysis of the deals identified areas where the client’s performance was below customer expectations and below competitor performance. Client was able to adjust its messaging for a better fit to the decision factors and increase sales.

Winning in Facilities Management


A facilities management service provider was evaluating its market messaging and developing a new strategy for the changing market.


Fletcher/CSI conducted several win/loss deals to understand the buyer decision process and the relative importance of several factors in the decision.


The client changed its messages to emphasize factors that were more important to the decision, and refocused development efforts to perform better against those factors.

Healthcare IT Product Implementation Process


A healthcare IT company that sold billing and practice management systems was losing deals at an alarming rate, and quickly needed to understand why.


Fletcher/CSI completed a full Win/Loss analysis to determine the key reasons for losses (and wins). Interviews were conducted with office managers and practice owners to better understand their buying criteria as well as the specific reasons they did/did not buy from client.


Client got direct feedback from its addressable market. A key finding was that implementation was a major issue, and references (wins) were negative about their experiences regarding implementation. Client was able to restructure its implementation methodology, increasing staff and reducing timelines.

Enterprise Software Growth Rate


An enterprise software provider with historically high growth rate (over 50%) in one of its product lines was experiencing a significant decline in growth rate, and client needed direct prospect and customer feedback to better understand why.


Fletcher/CSI completed 80 win/loss interviews with prospects to provide insight to challenges and opportunities around value proposition, deployment, retention, sales performance, and economics/contracting.


Client was able to gain insights from its wins and losses to understand changing customer needs. Client also gained important perspective on the overall customer life cycle, and was able to modify its sales approach and timing to increase retention.

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