Trade Show Intelligence

What We Offer

Trade Show intelligence is one of the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective ways to gather intelligence and learn insights about industry trends and competitor initiatives. Since trade shows bring together thousands of competitors and subject matter experts (SMEs) under one roof, it is easy for our analysts to conduct multiple in-person interviews at these events.

Our Process

  • Before the event, we create detailed conferences planners with key sessions for clients to use at the show, and for our internal teams to use to stay organized.
  • We identify important attendees and competitors to target for interviews, reach out to attendees before the show to setup interview times, and perform preliminary research.
  • During the events, we conduct interviews with competitors and SMEs, visit competitor booths to gather messaging information and collateral, attend relevant sessions and symposia, and establish relationships for future research initiatives.
  • When the conference is over, we dedicate one to two weeks toward analyzing all of the data and aggregating it into a report so the intelligence is simple to digest.

The Result

Large amount of aggregated data about a specific industry, market, or competitor help clients and internal stakeholders make tactical and strategic decisions. This research can help inform both short-term and long-term business concerns. Additionally, the collection of marketing collateral helps clients refine their messaging and branding efforts.

To learn more about Trade Show Intelligence, please see the links below and read our case studies.

Tradeshow CI

Case Studies

Insurance Carrier Referral Marketing


An insurance carrier was exploring a relationship with a web-based services aggregator as a model for a similar service and line extension that would produce greater customer loyalty.


Fletcher/CSI visited industry trade shows to interact with other web-based service aggregators who were interviewed about their impacts on partners. We also participated in seminars on how companies were leveraging the links with the service aggregators.


Research determined that the service aggregator did contribute with additional revenue in the form of commissions, but did not contribute to customer loyalty or engagement. Client opted to not incorporate the service into its offering.

Specialty Food Products Market Innovations


A specialty food products company needed to be informed of developments in their space and how competitors addressed growing concerns over GMOs and organic ingredients.


Fletcher/CSI attended the two largest industry trade shows to engage competitor staff and industry observers in deep discussions about market trends, product developments, and consumer preferences.


Trade show attendees identified a growing market for GMO free, organic, and gluten free products in the high end of the market. The client was able to incorporate these features into a new higher-end branded product and quickly gained market share.

Biopharmaceutical Market and Competitor Monitoring


A top global biopharmaceutical company was preparing for biosimilar entrants in the autoimmune category, and needed to better understand its overall market landscape and competitive threats.


Fletcher/CSI attended eight medical conferences for the client over the course of a year to interview KOLS and competitor manufacturers, and attend relevant industry sponsored events and symposia.


Client was able to receive real-time updates about its market landscape and competitors’ initiatives to inform its strategies related to biosimilars, new MOAs, clinical trials, regulatory activities, and sales and marketing practices.

Software Provider Competitive Threat


A major software provider needed specific information on a small, but, emerging competitor, who was winning business away from the client. Client was unsure of competitor’s pricing approach, specific offering, and overall go-to-market strategy.


Fletcher/CSI identified an industry trade show where competitor would be exhibiting and interviewed competitor executives, sales and marketing staff, and potential customers to better understand the competitor’s strategy and overall market position.


Client was able to fully understand the competitor’s strategy, including product life cycle, pricing, and target market. This enabled it to refocus its own efforts to not only maintain share, but to attack the competitor’s weaknesses.

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