Building CI Functionality to Meet Today’s Market Dynamics

Earlier this month, we led a full-day SCIP Boot Camp workshop on the elements that contribute to a successful CI unit. The workshop was designed to help new CI units that are working to establish themselves as highly effective units, and currently existing CI units that want to make improvements. Here are a few of the key points that we discussed in detail during the workshop.

The Purpose of the CI Unit is to Inform Decisions that Drive Change

  • A core task is to convert data into information, information into intelligence, and intelligence into action
    • A key component is complete, timely, and accurate information – garbage in = garbage out
    • Understand and master a variety of analysis tools
    • Link results to recommendations for action
  • Intelligence in and of itself is only effective if it drives change
    • Driving change requires knowledge about the market, competitors, company, trends, and preferences
    • An ability to translate that knowledge into recommendations for action

Growing the CI Unit is Iterative, Cyclical, and Adjusts to Changing Stakeholder Needs

Effective CI Takes Raw Data and Produces Intelligence that Leads to Action

The beginning portion of the workshop discussed the purpose of the CI unit, and explained that growing/maintaining the CI unit is an iterative process that requires changes to meet evolving needs. However, a large portion of the full-day event was devoted to explaining the four key components of the path to action.

The path to action requires four key components.

  1. People – The right people doing the right tasks
  2. Process – The right way to get things done
  3. Product – The right outputs to complete the assignment
  4. And one key element: Resources

Following a detailed discussion about the path to action, we provided information about building the CI unit and budgeting. Some of our recommendations for creating the most effective CI units came directly from our annual Effective CI Survey which examines all elements of the CI Unit in detail.

Summary of Effective CI Units

Fletcher/CSI has provided CI Process Consulting to clients for 30+ years. For more information about the SCIP workshop, including the four key components of the path to action, and to learn how to implement or improve your CI unit, please reach out to us directly at 802-660-9636 or